The Duke of Cambridge announces £10,000 scholarships for film, TV and games!

Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, has announced £10,000 scholarships to students in order to provide them with financial help for their studies.

The successful candidates will receive funding of up to £10,000 to support course fees, free counseling for the course, free entry into BAFTA events around the UK and a funded internship at Warner Bros Group. The application for the program is being received and the deadline is Monday 17 June 2013.

Supported by BAFTA and Warner Bros, the program aims to help deserving students with financial support so that they can utilize their skills and apply them in any one of the three industries.

Considering the ongoing budget cuts in the education sector in UK, it is seen as a positive step towards promoting talent . Hopefully, this initiative will provide some financial relief to the deserving students and will help them access their relevant careers to make a positive change in the concerned industries.

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