What Topics to Choose For Writing a Social Studies Paper?

Choosing a good topic is the most important and strategic stage of essay writing process. Unfortunately but a large number of students goof up at this stage due to lack of knowledge and skills. Many times students are not aware of a good topic and end up writing on a cliched idea that has already been tried hundreds of times. However if you are considering a topic for social studies, you have a fairly good chances of writing an interesting essay. Whether you are writing on an argumentative topic or an informative essay, you are will more likely finish up well in the end.

Here are five topics that offer some interesting ideas for writing a social studies paper:

1.    Discuss Civil Rights

Discuss civil rights within the purview of a significant event such as American Civil Rights Movement. The American Civil Rights Movement was started in 1955 and gained momentum in the 1960s. It was an organized resistance against the discrimination faced by the Afro-Americans. For writing an essay on Civil Rights Movement, you can consider the role of different individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B Du Bois, Rosa Parks and Malcolm X. Or you can discuss how the American Civil Rights Movements transformed the social, political and societal structure of American Society.

2.    Discover Subcultures

Explore the various subcultures. Discuss some popular subcultures from history, such as Punk, Hippies and Bohemian, which still have a profound impact on a specific society or discover peculiar practices of a specific subculture that exists today such as walking marriage, polygamy and honor killing.

3.    Address Personal Freedom Issues

If you are a proponent of personal freedom then you should choose something that affects the personal freedom. Discussing the freedom of expression is one good topic that addresses personal freedom. Ideas such as flag burning, obscenity, freedom of speech and abortion can make for interesting essay topics . Discuss the different opinions of important figures, societal norms and laws surrounding personal freedom.

4.    Explore Religion

Religious studies offers range of thought-provoking topics for writing an essay. Define religion and its role in human society. Discuss different religions in the world such as Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Shinto and Hinduism and how it is reflected in a particular society or geographical region.

5.    Focus on Crime and Its Various Aspects

Put your focus on criminal elements and how they affect a society. Define the role of courts to bring social reforms. Discuss any procedural or legislative flaw in a particular judiciary system that desists justice. Give pertinent propositions to tackle any such issue.  Or you can shed light on various methods to reinforce law in a society. Talk about any recent bill that can play a significant role to minimize criminal elements in a specific society or culture.

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