Writing an Essay on Weather Issues: 4 Thought-provoking Ideas!

Writing an essay on “weather issues” brings in many ideas in your mind. It also offers some hottest phenomenon pertaining to current climate changes such as “Global Warming” and “Carbon Footprints”. To know other more interesting ideas, you have to read on this article:

1.    Inform People about Hurricane Hazards

Hurricanes are powerful and devastating form of cyclones that can cause great suffering and damage to human life. Through writing an essay on hurricane, you can educate the readers about hazards of hurricanes and how to avoid them. You can inform them about warning signs of a storm such as large waves, high winds, heavy rain and flooding. You can also discuss the importance of having an evacuation plan in case of a hurricane. Here you can tell people ways to survive a cyclone such as “finding a safe place” or “calling to emergency services”.

2.    Tornado Awareness

Tornadoes are another form of cyclones that are lesser in magnitude and power than a hurricane. Through writing an essay on this topic, you can suggest local government about ways that can save people’s lives and their commodities if there are signs of tornado. Here you can also tell them about any improved tornado alert system that can help the meteorologists predict any indications of a tornado. You can also cite here any tragic incidences caused due to a tornado to reinforce your argument.

3.    Safety Procedures for Volunteers

Cleaning up is an important process after a disaster. Many volunteers work along with the safety personnel to remove wreckage and save lives. An essay focusing on such topic can discuss how an affected area can pose serious hazards to the volunteers operating in the area. You can give suggestions on what procedures and precautions the volunteers must follow while cleaning up the rubble. You can address the serious threats to the volunteers such as gas leaks or open electrical wiring that can cause instant death . Here you can also warn them about the importance of wearing a proper safety gear that includes goggles, gloves and hard boots. The aim of writing an essay on this topic is to inform the volunteers about the necessary safety measures to perform a clean up after a disaster.

4.    Global Warming

A paper on weather can debate whether or not Global Warming is responsible for the rising Earth temperature. The critics argue against this claim due to the lack of facts. To elaborate on this theory, you should argue both points of the debate. Here you can also address the issues of animal extinction and rising sea-level, the two major effects of Global Warming. Many environmentalists and ecologists also associate increasing number of Hurricanes to Global Warming.

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