Do You Know These 4 Major Themes Of Developmental Biology?

Biology is a combination of two affixes: Bio – means ‘life’, and ‘logy’ – means ‘to study’, simply meaning “study of life” or in a more organized way “study of living organisms”. The study of Biology can be traced back to the period of Babylonia as early as 11th century BCE. Since then the study of biology has evolved significantly with time with more improved methods of medication and breakthroughs in surgery procedures.

In the more recent times, the biologists are exploring developmental biology for further research in this field This sub-branch of biology deals particularly with the development and growth of human body right from its birth. Developmental biology has opened up new horizons in field of biology with more biologists seeking this study to find cures of many incurable diseases, such as cancer. For writing an essay on developmental biology, I will inform you four major themes that can make for an interesting topic for your term paper:

1.      Cell Communication

Cell communication is a major aspect of developmental biology. DNA is one of the macromolecules responsible for genetic encoding in the living organisms and viruses. Cell communication helps transmit the codes between cells of the organisms. They are crucial for development and functioning of organisms and help coordinate its different cells. Cell communication is vital for interpreting information between cells.

2.      Stem Cells

Stem cells are self-reproducing and self-regenerating organisms that are effective against many diseases. Developmental biology focuses on stem cells to understand how they function, particularly their ability to reproduce or replicate themselves. In developmental biology, stem cells help researchers diagnose and cure many diseases or disorders.

3.      Form Form Uniformity

Form form uniformity is the study of how similar biological structures create organs. It aims to interpret the formation of life as well as how different organs exist and grow in a complex system of human body . Examples of form form uniformity include how hairs are formed, how an embryo is formed and how virus and bacteria are produced and developed.

4.      Other Topics

There are various other topics that you can study under the umbrella term of developmental biology, such as development of brain and hormones. Furthermore, developmental biology can explore how diseases are developed, how the different sexes are grown up and how the cells die. In addition, it differentiates between the vertebrates and invertebrates and how they are developed. The biologists understand the developmental of these species (vertebrates and in vertebrates) to understand the characteristics of their gene – the basic unit of hereditary.

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