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A proposal essay is similar to any other business proposal with the exception that it is only applicable in academic setting. Like a business proposal, a proposal essay discusses an issue and offers relevant proposition. A proposal essay incorporates elements of any other proposal i.e. introduction, statement of purpose, action plan, significance and outcomes.

Before writing a proposal essay, you must identify the issue you are going to address and then formulate the solution. A proposal essay is based on one’s personal beliefs and thoughts and how one sees an problem. So the deciding factor will be your opinion and attitude towards the issue and why it is meaningful to you . This will allow you to get a hold of the problem and write it convincingly. For a proposal essay, you can consider the following themes:

Address an Issue

Discuss an issue that needs the official authority’s attention. Consider the problems you are facing in your society or community . Think about the local issues such as bad Law and Order situation in your area or a more significant problem such as unfair voting system. After you have pinpointed a problem, you have to a find a solution and the arguments surrounding it. Brainstorm the issue and then design a plan of action. Come up with relevant arguments to support your plan of action.

Reflect your Beliefs

Whatever topic you choose for a proposal essay, it must first hit your mind. Personal viewpoints or beliefs are subjective. What you think as an issue may not necessarily be a problem for others. So whatever you choose for a proposal essay, it must stem from your beliefs and convictions. Are you in favor of capital punishment? Do you oppose a particular law? Unless you feel obliged to address an issue, you will never be able to strongly put it across. Write your thoughts to argue or counter-argue it. If, for example, you are affiliating with a cause then you can give reasons why it needs more funding from the government. Since a proposal essay is based on a personal point of view, it is important that it reflects your beliefs.

Provide Substitutes

While considering a proposal essay, come up with something that can give people a choice in terms of solutions. For example, if you feel strongly negative about a certain ordinance or rule, you can give different propositions to amend it. While the issue remains the same, the propositions could be more than one. This will show that you are honest with your judgment and will reinforce your arguments.

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