Essay Writing Skills: Read These Useful Tips For Writing A Coherent Essay!

While everybody writes essays, not all are able to write it coherently. It is always a consistent and well thought-out essay that actually conveys the essence of your central argument in an essay. Therefore, it is required that your essay is coherent and logical, presenting your arguments in a proper organizational layout. In this article, I will highlight some important points that will help you write even the most complex types of essay writing (such as a compare and contrast essay) in a clear and coherent way. Here they are:

•    Create a Proper Outline

Since it is required that your essay shows a logical interpretation of the arguments, it is helpful to first write an outline. Structure your essay in a proper format i.e. introduction, body and conclusion and write relevant points in each of the paragraphs. The thesis will come in the first paragraph, while the supporting arguments will be included in the body part. Finally, the concluding paragraph will list all your main arguments in a summarized way.

•    Centre your Whole Essay on Your Thesis

The thesis is the most important part of an essay. It establishes the purpose of writing an essay and why it is important to discuss a point. It either presents a point of view or compares two opinions. In either case, it must be arguable and narrow enough to explore a specific point. Typically, a thesis is stated in the ‘introductory paragraph’ of an essay while the rest of the paragraphs provide evidence and facts to prove your thesis. Since it is the central argument of your whole discussion, your whole essay must be focused on this point.

•    Write Topic Sentences for Each Paragraph

A topic sentence is another integral part of an essay. All your paragraphs should be based upon a topic sentence. Writing a topic sentence allows you to focus on a specific point and also helps your readers get an idea what point a specific paragraph will address. The topic sentences must align your whole paragraphs with the thesis and each of your paragraphs must builds towards the interpretation of your thesis.

•    Show Consistency between Paragraphs

While each of your paragraphs should discuss a specific point, all of them should relate with each other. This can be achieved by arranging your paragraphs in an organizational layout in such a way that each of them makes smooth transitions into each other. Using proper transitional words such as “however”, “additionally”, “hence” etc is another good way to infuse consistency between paragraphs. This will make your essay more focused and will help you put across your argument in a clear and coherent way.

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