Reflective Essay Writing: How to Write an Interesting Introduction?

A reflective essay is a popular type of essay writing. It aims to interpret personal feelings of an individual about a certain experience. It is similar to personal essay in that it focuses on narrative style of writing to express thoughts. Although many students try to write a reflective essay but very few are able to write it successfully.

As with any other type of essay, a reflective essay will not make an impact in mind of the readers unless it has an excellent written introductory paragraph. So the key to write an impressive reflective essay is to write an interesting introduction. To accomplish this task, you must capitalize on some important elements that I will be explaining in this article, use them in their true sense and you will be able to write an appealing introduction for your essay assignment.

•    Start by writing an eye-catching first sentence. The first sentence of the introductory paragraph must be strong enough to grab attention of the readers.

•    Add interesting information in the introductory part and express your thoughts eloquently. Give background information about your topic. Write the introduction in the first person or the third person pronoun.

•    Be sure about the purpose of your essay so that you can align your ideas with it. Give your reasons for writing the essay. Your readers must understand the experience you felt. Be clear about what you want them to understand from it.

•    The introduction is where you state your thesis. The art of writing a strong thesis is to condense your whole discussion into a few sentences. Your thesis must be debatable and address the core issue of your essay.

•    The importance of editing cannot be denied by any. But when it comes to editing the introductory part, you have to be extra careful. You have to make sure that your introduction is interesting while at the same time makes sense. It must make a smooth flow all through the end of the paragraph, encompassing the basic and important information about your topic. Remember to make it free from any grammar and spelling mistakes.

•    Always check that your introduction compliments the concluding paragraph. The conclusion relates the audience back with the introductory paragraph. An essay with incompatible introduction and conclusion will not make an impact in mind of the readers

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