Do You Know These 4 Topics For A Cause And Effect Essay?

The cause and effect essay is a popular form of essay writing. This type of essay focuses on the causes of an event to explain its outcome. Due to its simple format, you can write plenty of topics on this type of essay. All you need is to find an interesting topic and make an outline of important points. But you have to struggle to find an interesting topic since there are not many. This article will suggest you some interesting and meaningful topics to write in this type of essay. So if you are thinking on how to write an essay on a cause and effect topic, here are some ideas:

1.    History Topics

Focus your essay on topics from history such as the reasons of British involvement in World War II, the motives behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy or the outcome of automobile industrialization on the American economy. Here you can explore the causes responsible for these events and their effects. You also write about events from recent history such as the causes leading to 9/11 and its implications on American people and the world. Or you can talk about the recent political change in Middle East and its effects on the region.

2.    Politics Topics

Political events can make for interesting topics for a cause and effect essay. Here you can explore themes such as reasons of American Civil Rights Movement or the causes of World War II. You can also discuss topics from recent period such as the causes of political change in Egypt or the reasons behind the resignation of Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi.

3.    Societal Topics

In this type of essay, you can research the effects of different elements on the society. For example, you can discuss the modern internet age and its positive and negative effects on the society. You can shed light on the causes and effects of fast food trend around the globe or the impact of e-commerce on global trade.

4.    Whimsical Topics

You can touch some light-hearted topics. Here you can discuss why you like or dislike a public figure such as sports person, showbiz celebrity or a politician. You can also discuss something as trivial as “social media websites” or “cash dispensers” and give reasons why they have become so popular. You can explain here how these items change our lives in certain ways. To write an essay on such topic, you must come up with an idea that you find interesting.

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