What Topics to Choose For Writing a Great Essay?

Choosing a good topic is like winning the half battle. After you have chosen a good topic, you will only need to focus on a specific aspect of it and the rest will follow. But what actually defines a good topic and what areas one should look into for searching it, are two important questions that come in mind of probably every student. This article will provide you with four important areas for writing an essay and will help you decide on an interesting theme.

1.    Current Events Topics

You can focus your essay on current events. They can make for an interesting topic for an essay. It is like writing on any other topic with the only exception that it tends to be the most recent. Firstly, you have to find an interesting story and then narrow it down into an inspiring idea. For example, you could write an essay on current events in world politics such as “The Role of Social Media in the Political Change in Egypt” or “2012 American Presidential Election”.

2.    History Topics

History is also another good subject for writing an essay.  Topics, such as World War I and World War II, offers range of ideas to write a good essay. For example, you can discuss “How Winston Churchill Led Britain to World War II” or “The effect of World War I on Europe”.

3.    English Literature Topics

Writing on literature topics is another good idea for an essay. However, it must not be a summary of a book or play and rather focus on a specific aspect of a piece of literature. “Analyzing Elements of Love and Jealousy in Othello through the Eyes of William Shakespeare” is one good example for an essay on English literature.

Since English literature essay topics are subjective in nature, you cannot refer to others while writing on them. That is to say, you can only give your interpretation of the elements described in a novel or play based on your opinions and do not include viewpoints of others about the same.

4.    Science Topics

Scientific essays are based on evidence and facts rather than on collection of other’s work. So you will be writing on something that can be supported by facts. For example, you can write an essay on environmental science topic such as, “Is Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) Solely Responsible for the Damage of Ozone?” or you can shed light on something about future like, “Is Time Machine a Fiction or Fact?”

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