Essay Writing Tips: How To Complete Your Essay On-Time?

Essay writing is a skilled task. Students have to write essays on regular basis. The aim of writing an essay is to interpret a topic or its specific aspect(s) through articulate writing. So you will need excellent critical thinking skills and effective writing techniques to produce a good essay. At times, students do not plan their essays and end up delaying the task. So you have to remember the ‘deadline’ while working on an essay.

In this article, I will demonstrate some important tips on ‘how to write an essay’ while not wasting your time. Here they are:

•    Plan Your Essay Task

Do not procrastinate. Start your topic as early as possible. Organize your tasks and allocate specific time limit to each task in such a way that your essay is completed before the deadline. This will give you the time and room to make important amendment(s) in your essay if any. Besides, when you finish up your work in haste, it tends to affect the quality of your writing.

•    Write to Rewrite

Start by writing a first draft of your essay. Do not worry about the nitty-gritty mistakes at this stage, you can revise them later. The aim of writing a rough draft is only to put your words down a paper. Once you are done with writing a rough draft, you can make corrections to make it more refined and polished.

•    Write In Simple Language

Use easy to understand language when writing an essay. Avoid using technical words or jargons. Remember your audience while writing the essay and modify your writing according to their needs. Your should only aim to educate the audience and not to confuse them.

•    Quote Your Sources Properly

Be very particular when using excerpts of others in your work. Use proper citation style to quote your sources such as APA, MLA, Chicago etc. You have to acknowledge every idea that is not a scientific fact or common knowledge. Remember that plagiarism is not just copying work of others but failure to properly acknowledge your sources is also considered plagiarism. Refer to a citation manual for further guidance.

•    Edit Your Work

Finally, you must edit the rough draft. Just imagine how it looks like to have spelling, punctuation and grammar errors if you are majoring in “English Language”. So you must make sure to edit your thoroughly to make it free from all such errors.

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