. Common Nurse Residency Programs , Self Assessment of Nurse Training Programs 

1. Common Nurse Residency Programs
A listing of the common hospital training and nurse residencies has been provided for your review.  Review the entire document to select a training program of interest. Click the link to go to the hospital or entity of choice.  Additional internet research may involve contacting the hospitals’ HR or acquisition and talent office to inquire about information.
2. Self Assessment of Nurse Training Programs
Use the Self- Assessment tool to evaluate prospective  Nurse Training Programs. Your self-assessment will help determine which training program, benefits, and type of specialty will work best for you.   Rate the factors based on importance, value, education, and availability.
3. Survey /Critique of Nurse Training Programs:
Perform a survey and critique of the Nurse Training Program of your choice. Use the hospital training program factor worksheet (Survey-Critique of Nurse Training Programs) to collect data on the various types of training programs available to new nurses.  Collect and fill in each factor to assist in the evaluation of values and attributes important to you when determining the best hospital placement program to fit your prospective career aspirations and role as a professional nurse.
3.  Upload your findings from the Survey-Critique of Nurse Training programs and the RN Training Program Self-Assessment to the Assignment area in Canvas.  Be sure to express what values and options were most important to you based on the types of training programs available.

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