How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

A five paragraph essay is a standard form of writing an essay. It is often taught as a standard to students in English language courses at any level. While the contents of essay may differ according to the topic, the basic format is comprised of an introduction, body and conclusion with two additional body paragraphs.

Following are helpful tips that will guide you in writing a proper five paragraph essay:

Choose a Topic: As with any other type of essay, the first step to write a five paragraph essay is topic selection. A topic can range practically from anything from personalities and places to ideas and events. In case you are not given a topic, be sure to choose a topic that is both interesting and meets the requirements of your college.

Brainstorm Main Ideas: Come up with three ideas relevant to your topic. This information will make body paragraphs of your essay and can also be added to your introductory paragraph.

Now that you have selected a topic and brainstorm ideas for your body paragraphs, you need to start writing your essay. A five paragraph essay is organised on a standard essay format: introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction is an important part of a five paragraph essay. Here, you need to provide main ideas of your topic. Start your essay with an attention grabbing fact and finish it with a thesis sentence with three ideas backing up your claim.  Your thesis statement must not be more than two sentences, ideally one sentence is enough. The thesis presents your main argument.

Body: For a five paragraph essay, you need to write three separate body paragraphs. The body paragraphs of your essay encompass all evidence and facts that support your thesis. They should be written in hierarchical order in that your first paragraph has the strongest argument and the third paragraph has the weakest one.

Conclusion: This is the fifth paragraph of your essay. It concludes your whole essay. Wrap up your essay here, paraphrasing your main arguments and thesis. Remember to restate your thesis with first sentence of your conclusion. Do not introduce any new idea in this section.

While writing a five paragraph essay is a standard essay format, you need to be very particular about what you want to include in each paragraph. Each section of your essay: introduction, body and conclusion should be written with relevant information.

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Many students find it difficult to write a compare and contrast essay, though it is not that difficult as it seems. In fact, writing a compare and contrast can quite be a learning experience for many students. All you need are some helpful tips that can help you write it effectively. But before I give you any tip for a compare and contrast essay, it is first important for you to understand what it is all about.

In a compare and contrast essay, students are supposed to compare two items, objects, subjects etc. They need to present similarities and differences of both items. When comparing them, you need to present similarities and differences of both objects while emphasizing on their similarities. On the other hand, contrasting two objects is meant to focus on differences between two objects while also writing about their similarities. This article will provide you with some useful tips for writing this tricky type of essay.

Following are some useful tips on how to write a compare and contrast essay:

•    Note down all important points of comparisons and contrasts between two objects before actually writing an essay.

•    When comparing two objects, it is suggestible to write it in a way that highlights similarities of an object instead of differences.

•    Similarly, when contrasting two items, write it in a manner that focuses on their differences rather than similarities.

•    For any of the above mentioned style, be sure to clearly present your topic sentence. It forms basis of your overall comparison and contrast.

•    It advisable to brainstorm points of similarities and differences with your friends before writing them. It always helps to work out ideas in groups. This will help you come up with good points of similarities and difference on your topic sentence.

•    When contrasting two objects, it is better to follow a point-by-point approach. For comparing two objects, the essay should follow the block style.

•    Since, you are required to make comparisons between two object in terms of similarities and differences, you must conduct thorough research on your topic and ultimately select one that has enough materials available  than one that is short of information to write on.

•    Similarly, you must show your points in a compelling way. This implies that you must back up your points with solid examples.

•    Make a rough draft of your essay before finalizing it. Present it to your teacher and ask for suggestions.

•    Lastly, it is extremely important for you to check your final draft before submitting it. There are always some loopholes in an essay that can be revised. Therefore, edit your essay more than one time to make it more accurate and refined.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a real test of reasoning and argumentation skills of a student. It is aimed to prove standpoint and disprove an opposing point of view on the basis of evidence and facts. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to conduct thorough research on your topic so that you have enough evidence to back up your standpoint.

An argumentative essay follows the basic essay composition. Firstly, you need an introduction to inform readers about what you want to discuss in your essay. Then, you need to present your arguments in body.  Lastly, you conclude your whole discussion in the conclusion and wrap up your essay in such a way that makes the readers endorse your viewpoint.

Introduction: Introduction is an important part of an argumentative essay. This is where you present your standpoint about an issue.

Main Body: The main body is where you put forward your reasons in support of your standpoint. Here, you present relevant examples and evidence to back up your claim and also mention opposing arguments and refute them. Remember! Your aim is to prove that your viewpoint is more logical and valid than the opposing point of view, therefore support your claim with solid evidence and examples.

Conclusion: In this section, you need to conclude your discussion. Here, you need to provide summary of your arguments in support of your claim and give succinct reasons about why your standpoint is stronger than an opposing viewpoint. Write concisely here and end your essay with a strong concluding statement.

Important Tips

•    Keep away from using informal language

•    Avoid using slang. The key to write a winning argumentative essay is: formal tone and good use of language

•    Avoid unknown abbreviations

•    Write concisely. Keep your writing short and to the point

•    Use relevant materials to support your claim but acknowledge the sources with proper referencing style

•    Be firm with your standpoint. You must be determined about your viewpoint on an issue. This will help you sound convincing and believable.

•    Be direct and to the point. Write in natural and conversational style. Your aim is to convince your readers that what you think is totally right.

•    Write down all reasons and examples that support your viewpoint. Use them to press the emotional buttons of readers. You can also employ some anecdote writing techniques to add substance to your viewpoint.

•    Structure your arguments in proper order starting from the most important and ending with the least important one. Use proper conjunctions and connecting words to make smooth transition between words, paragraphs and ideas.

•    Always base your claim on something that is arguable, valid and that you find interesting. Never attempt on something that you do not endorse or believe in.

How to Write a Winning College Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay is the most important document in a college scholarship application. But not many students know the tips for writing a winning essay. This is why many students fail at this important stage of a college scholarship application. But there are always some helpful tips that can help you write a successful  essay. Read on the whole article if you desperately want to know how to write a successful college scholarship essay.

Given below are some important tips that will surely help you write a winning essay for getting a college grant:

Write in a Conversational Manner

Using proper word selection is important when writing an essay. Write in a natural and conversational manner. Your essay should be simple, concise and clear.

Make it Interesting

Create interest in readers with a lively tone. Use anecdotes techniques to trigger emotions in your audience. This will force them to read on your whole essay. But keep the focus on your purpose throughout your essay.

Make it Informative

The aim of writing a college scholarship essay is to get a favor. Your readers will be more than happy if you let them know about yourself. But be very particular about what you write and avoid writing about irrelevant things. Capitalize on your distinct accomplishments. Since your application is related to educational life, you can write about your academic and sports achievements. You can also highlight here any prominent features of your personality.

Keep it Short and Simple

Write your essay concisely. But it does not imply that you omit important information it. Just keep it simple, short and precise. Avoid making it too wordy as it will only confuse your readers and you may lose your chances of getting the grant.

Be Creative with Words

Use variety of words. For example, if you start your first line with “I”, then the second line must be different.

Write In Active Voice

Use active voice of verb. It makes the reading consistent and interesting. While a passive voice will only make your essay dull and uninteresting.

Ask for opinion

Having finished your essay, it is important for you to get feedback from others. In this way, you will be able to locate any loophole or error in your essay and revise it.

Edit your Work

After you have finalized your draft, you need to look through it and make amendments along the way. Do it several time until it is free from errors and mistakes.

4 Steps to Write a Short Essay

Students need to write a short essay at some level of their education. A short essay is written on the same essay format with less word limit. This is what makes it a challenging task as not many students know the techniques on how to write a short essay. But, there are always some good tips that can help you successfully write a short essay. So, if you are one of the students who desperately need some real help for writing a short essay, here some useful tips that will help achieve it:

Following are step-by-step guidelines to write a proper short essay:

Step#1: Mind Mapping

Firstly, you need to mind map ideas before writing your essay. This will help you analyze and understand your topic. Here, you are required to answer some important questions before writing a short essay. They are:

•    What is your target audience?

•    What is the aim of your essay?

•    What information should be included in your essay?

Step#2: Make an Outline

The next step is to outline your essay. Since it is written within very limited word count, you need to be very particular about what should be added in your essay. Include only relevant information in it.

Step#3: Start Writing

Now that you have all important information about your essay, you can easily start writing it.


The introduction is where you introduce your topic to the readers. Here, you need to describe only main reasons for writing the essay. Include your thesis statement in this section. Make it to only 3-4 sentences long.


When writing body of your essay, you need to include only three arguments to back up your thesis. The body section should be divided into several paragraphs, each is focused on a single argument. Your arguments should be backed up by solid and concrete evidence and facts.


In this section, you link your essay back to your thesis statement and remind the readers about the purpose of your essay. The conclusion should restate your whole essay in no more than 4 lines.

Step#4: Proofread

Lastly, make sure that your essay does not have any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. A good method for accomplishing it is to highlight errors while reading your essay and finally proofread them.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily write a short essay.

How to Write a Personal Essay?

Personal essay is a pre-requisite for college admission application. It is generally required before applying for a course in a college. However, you can also write a personal essay in case you are applying for job or requesting a transfer for position within a company. The essay should not give information that you have already incorporated in your college application and rather it should inform the reader about you as a person.

A personal essay should be an honest reflection of the real you. Your essay should be able to speak for your personality. This is why it is important for you to write your own personal essay and avoid copying it from any source as this will not show you in a true sense and is also considered as plagiarism. You can also talk about any skill or talent that you have excelled in the course of time and explain how these skills can play a role in achieving your goals.

Given below are some helpful tips to help your write a winning college application essay:

Make an Outline

Firstly, write a good outline of your essay. Include important details of your essay in it. Remember to add your thesis here.

Start Writing

Afterwards, start writing with an impressive introduction. Here you should state interesting and inspiring facts about your personality to grab attentions of the readers. Introduce your thesis here. In main body, write in detail about what you have stated in the introduction. Give examples and evidence to support your thesis. Finally, finish off your essay with a powerful conclusion. Restate you main points here to link the readers back with the essay.


You need to check and revise your essay for any loophole or error. Make sure that you have organized your essay properly. Check if there is anything missing in your essay. Make sure you have used proper transitional words wherever required in order to make smooth transitions in your essay.

Make it Free from Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

Writing a personal essay demands you to be 100% accurate with your grammar and spelling. Colleges require a personal essay because they want to know you as a person and assess if you are the right person for a course. Some essay examples can reveal you on how to write a personal essay with accurate grammar. On the other hand, an essay grammatically inaccurate and has misspelled words will show you as a careless person and will diminish your chances of getting approval for admission in a course.

How to Write a Process Essay?

Writing a process essay can be a daunting task to students. But there are always some helpful tips that can help students easily write a process. But firstly we need to understand what a process essay is all about.

A process essay is an informative essay that describes a process into several steps in simple and easy to understand language. No matter how well you plan your essay, the approach you follow will define how effectively your audience will complete a task after reading your instructions. Therefore, it is important that you write it in such a way that can help the readers understand the steps to accomplish a task.

Given below are important step on how to write a proper process essay:

Step#1: Make an Outline

Make an outline of your essay by concisely writing the introduction, body and conclusion of your essay in a paper. Only add important steps and points instead of improvising on language at this stage. Write all steps in a condensed form.

Step#2: Introduction

Start your essay with a good introduction. Your introduction should only give an overview to the readers about your topic before informing them to accomplish a task. For example, if you are writing an essay on how to make a pizza, your introduction might discuss the background information about the pizza. But do not go into much detail at this stage. Just keep your introduction general and yet informative.

Step#3: Body

Now write the body. The body of your essay is consisted of all the steps involved in the process. It is divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should be focused on one step. Use active voice of verb that invokes the readers to action. Instead of writing, “prepare the pizza crust by concocting different ingredients into the dough”, write “Prepare the crust. Concoct different ingredients into the dough.” Follow this for writing each step.

Step#4: Conclusion

Finally write conclusion. The conclusion should restate all the steps written in the body and further define the advantages to understanding the steps for completing the task. Besides, you can discuss briefly about different other possible methods for accomplishing this task. Avoid using too many words and keep the language simple and concise. People will not be interested to know your word power and will be thankful to you for writing your essay in simple language.

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How to Write an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is a critical analysis of a subject in focus. It may give a approving or disapproving comments about a subject depending on nature of the subject. But, firstly it is important for you to get enough knowledge and understanding about the subject before writing on it.

You must understand that an evaluation essay is not based on your opinion about a subject and your inferences should be totally based on evidence and facts.

An evaluation essay goes by the same basic essay format: introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction of an evaluation essay should provide readers with the background information about a subject and gives reasons on why it is important to analyze it. It should also state the strengths and weaknesses of the subject while being very concise and precise.

Body: The body section should give a detailed description about what you have stated in introduction. You may divide your body section into two main parts: (1) Strengths (2) Weaknesses.


Here, you need to describe main features of the subject and explain why they are regarded as strong point of it. Give reasons with solid examples and facts to support your judgement.


In this section, you need to describe loopholes of your essay. Discuss different weak points of your subject and give reasons to support your judgment. Again you need to give relevant examples and evident with your argument.

Conclusion: This is where you conclude your whole essay by restating main points of it. Here you need to paraphrase the positive and negative aspects of your subject and remind the readers about why you think them as strength and weaknesses of the subject. Do not introduce any new aspect at this stage. Finish off your essay with a powerful concluding sentence.

It is extremely important to edit and revise your essay before finalizing it. Re-read your essay and check if there is something inaccurate or missing in it. Make sure if you have covered all important aspects of the subject. Finally, check your essay for grammar, spelling and punctuations errors and proofread them.

As with any other form of writing, it is equally important for you to properly quote your sources while citing any piece of information in it. Also, keep in mind to document your sources in the required citation style.

In the final analysis, an evaluation essay is an expert piece of writing which is based on critical thinking and analysis skills. Therefore, it is required from you to be honest and unbiased while evaluating a subject.

How to Write a Narrative Essay?




A narrative essay is a piece of story writing that has definite plot and characters. They are aimed to reconstruct a specific event from a specific period of time. A good narrative essay creates certain emotions in readers by recreating an event or series of events. A narrative essay allows the readers to deduce their own interpretations of an event, though there are some skills that writers employ to influence the audience in a certain way.

Choose a Powerful Story

Search a good story to base your narrative essay and use your knowledge and skills to make it interesting and inspiring to read. Go through your childhood experiences in the memory lane and find an experience that influenced you deeply in a certain way. Consider writing on the challenges that you faced in your life. Besides you can consider writing on historical events, but only if you have enough knowledge on the subject.

Explore the Significance of your Story

Find a meaningful story. Determine what it means to you and write down reasons that trigger you to write on it. In case, you are writing a personal narrative then write down the emotions that you experienced during an ordeal. This will help you determine the backdrop of your story and will allow you to include interesting aspects of a story in order to induce the readers to read on your whole essay. As a writer you must know the elements to entice the readers and compel them to read on your work.

Make an Outline

Making an outline of your narrative essay helps you effectively structure your story and allows you to add important elements of it. Write down all important components of your story: plot, characters, and climax in a paper. A conventional narrative essay format has a beginning, followed by sequence of events and a powerful climax. Creating a beginning that allows the readers to anticipate the course of your story will diminish the interest of the readers. Rather, write it in a way that can create curiosity in the mind of the readers and compel them to read on the whole essay.

Capitalise on Sensory Language

Writing in sensory language is particularly important when writing a narrative essay and is an effective technique to connect the readers with your story. Narrative essay writing is all about creating the right emotions in the readers, therefore you need to choose the right words to accomplish this task. Find out the emotional aspects of your story and use sensory words to define them.

Edit your Work

Last but not the least, it is extremely important for you to edit your work to make it free from all grammar, spelling or technical errors.  Read your whole essay and revise it along the way. Also, check if your essay format is relevant to your essay type.

How to Write an Essay Introduction?

An introduction is the basic part of an essay. It introduces the readers about your topic and gives readers a broad definition of it. Therefore, you need to make it simple yet interesting while being concise and brief so that it can compel the readers to read on your whole essay.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before writing an introduction is to make it as clear as possible so that the readers can clearly anticipate your essay and connect with it. This is the most important step to writing a winning essay and being not able to catch attention of the readers at this stage may cause them to stop reading your essay.

Another thing to remember when writing introduction of your essay is to use simple and easy to understand words. Your writing should be free from complex and technical words. Also, there must not be cluttering of unnecessary words which only make it difficult for the readers to understand your essay. Your essay introduction should be succinct and coherent and should not exceed 4-5 lines.

The introduction of your essay should speak for your central argument; therefore you need to keep your focus on it. Besides, it should reveal important points of your topic in order to give readers an overall idea of your whole essay. In this way, you will be able to link with the readers and compel them to read on your essay.

The purpose of writing introduction of your essay is to provide the readers with only background information of your essay; therefore you need to keep it that way or it will diminish the curiosity of the readers to keep reading your whole essay and s/he will eventually stop reading it. Therefore, make it only to inform and inspire the readers.

After you have written introduction of your entire essay, make sure if it gives a true reflection of your whole essay. Check if it has any interesting element that can motivate the readers to continue reading your entire essay.

In the last words, it should be noted that an introduction is the first part of your essay that readers give attention to, therefore be very particular when writing it. It is advisable to work on an outline before actually writing your essay and include all important and interesting elements in it.