How to Write an Evaluation Essay?

An evaluation essay is a critical analysis of a subject in focus. It may give a approving or disapproving comments about a subject depending on nature of the subject. But, firstly it is important for you to get enough knowledge and understanding about the subject before writing on it.

You must understand that an evaluation essay is not based on your opinion about a subject and your inferences should be totally based on evidence and facts.

An evaluation essay goes by the same basic essay format: introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction of an evaluation essay should provide readers with the background information about a subject and gives reasons on why it is important to analyze it. It should also state the strengths and weaknesses of the subject while being very concise and precise.

Body: The body section should give a detailed description about what you have stated in introduction. You may divide your body section into two main parts: (1) Strengths (2) Weaknesses.


Here, you need to describe main features of the subject and explain why they are regarded as strong point of it. Give reasons with solid examples and facts to support your judgement.


In this section, you need to describe loopholes of your essay. Discuss different weak points of your subject and give reasons to support your judgment. Again you need to give relevant examples and evident with your argument.

Conclusion: This is where you conclude your whole essay by restating main points of it. Here you need to paraphrase the positive and negative aspects of your subject and remind the readers about why you think them as strength and weaknesses of the subject. Do not introduce any new aspect at this stage. Finish off your essay with a powerful concluding sentence.

It is extremely important to edit and revise your essay before finalizing it. Re-read your essay and check if there is something inaccurate or missing in it. Make sure if you have covered all important aspects of the subject. Finally, check your essay for grammar, spelling and punctuations errors and proofread them.

As with any other form of writing, it is equally important for you to properly quote your sources while citing any piece of information in it. Also, keep in mind to document your sources in the required citation style.

In the final analysis, an evaluation essay is an expert piece of writing which is based on critical thinking and analysis skills. Therefore, it is required from you to be honest and unbiased while evaluating a subject.

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