How to Write a Narrative Essay?




A narrative essay is a piece of story writing that has definite plot and characters. They are aimed to reconstruct a specific event from a specific period of time. A good narrative essay creates certain emotions in readers by recreating an event or series of events. A narrative essay allows the readers to deduce their own interpretations of an event, though there are some skills that writers employ to influence the audience in a certain way.

Choose a Powerful Story

Search a good story to base your narrative essay and use your knowledge and skills to make it interesting and inspiring to read. Go through your childhood experiences in the memory lane and find an experience that influenced you deeply in a certain way. Consider writing on the challenges that you faced in your life. Besides you can consider writing on historical events, but only if you have enough knowledge on the subject.

Explore the Significance of your Story

Find a meaningful story. Determine what it means to you and write down reasons that trigger you to write on it. In case, you are writing a personal narrative then write down the emotions that you experienced during an ordeal. This will help you determine the backdrop of your story and will allow you to include interesting aspects of a story in order to induce the readers to read on your whole essay. As a writer you must know the elements to entice the readers and compel them to read on your work.

Make an Outline

Making an outline of your narrative essay helps you effectively structure your story and allows you to add important elements of it. Write down all important components of your story: plot, characters, and climax in a paper. A conventional narrative essay format has a beginning, followed by sequence of events and a powerful climax. Creating a beginning that allows the readers to anticipate the course of your story will diminish the interest of the readers. Rather, write it in a way that can create curiosity in the mind of the readers and compel them to read on the whole essay.

Capitalise on Sensory Language

Writing in sensory language is particularly important when writing a narrative essay and is an effective technique to connect the readers with your story. Narrative essay writing is all about creating the right emotions in the readers, therefore you need to choose the right words to accomplish this task. Find out the emotional aspects of your story and use sensory words to define them.

Edit your Work

Last but not the least, it is extremely important for you to edit your work to make it free from all grammar, spelling or technical errors.  Read your whole essay and revise it along the way. Also, check if your essay format is relevant to your essay type.

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