How to Write a Process Essay?

Writing a process essay can be a daunting task to students. But there are always some helpful tips that can help students easily write a process. But firstly we need to understand what a process essay is all about.

A process essay is an informative essay that describes a process into several steps in simple and easy to understand language. No matter how well you plan your essay, the approach you follow will define how effectively your audience will complete a task after reading your instructions. Therefore, it is important that you write it in such a way that can help the readers understand the steps to accomplish a task.

Given below are important step on how to write a proper process essay:

Step#1: Make an Outline

Make an outline of your essay by concisely writing the introduction, body and conclusion of your essay in a paper. Only add important steps and points instead of improvising on language at this stage. Write all steps in a condensed form.

Step#2: Introduction

Start your essay with a good introduction. Your introduction should only give an overview to the readers about your topic before informing them to accomplish a task. For example, if you are writing an essay on how to make a pizza, your introduction might discuss the background information about the pizza. But do not go into much detail at this stage. Just keep your introduction general and yet informative.

Step#3: Body

Now write the body. The body of your essay is consisted of all the steps involved in the process. It is divided into several paragraphs. Each paragraph should be focused on one step. Use active voice of verb that invokes the readers to action. Instead of writing, “prepare the pizza crust by concocting different ingredients into the dough”, write “Prepare the crust. Concoct different ingredients into the dough.” Follow this for writing each step.

Step#4: Conclusion

Finally write conclusion. The conclusion should restate all the steps written in the body and further define the advantages to understanding the steps for completing the task. Besides, you can discuss briefly about different other possible methods for accomplishing this task. Avoid using too many words and keep the language simple and concise. People will not be interested to know your word power and will be thankful to you for writing your essay in simple language.

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