How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

Many students find it difficult to write a compare and contrast essay, though it is not that difficult as it seems. In fact, writing a compare and contrast can quite be a learning experience for many students. All you need are some helpful tips that can help you write it effectively. But before I give you any tip for a compare and contrast essay, it is first important for you to understand what it is all about.

In a compare and contrast essay, students are supposed to compare two items, objects, subjects etc. They need to present similarities and differences of both items. When comparing them, you need to present similarities and differences of both objects while emphasizing on their similarities. On the other hand, contrasting two objects is meant to focus on differences between two objects while also writing about their similarities. This article will provide you with some useful tips for writing this tricky type of essay.

Following are some useful tips on how to write a compare and contrast essay:

•    Note down all important points of comparisons and contrasts between two objects before actually writing an essay.

•    When comparing two objects, it is suggestible to write it in a way that highlights similarities of an object instead of differences.

•    Similarly, when contrasting two items, write it in a manner that focuses on their differences rather than similarities.

•    For any of the above mentioned style, be sure to clearly present your topic sentence. It forms basis of your overall comparison and contrast.

•    It advisable to brainstorm points of similarities and differences with your friends before writing them. It always helps to work out ideas in groups. This will help you come up with good points of similarities and difference on your topic sentence.

•    When contrasting two objects, it is better to follow a point-by-point approach. For comparing two objects, the essay should follow the block style.

•    Since, you are required to make comparisons between two object in terms of similarities and differences, you must conduct thorough research on your topic and ultimately select one that has enough materials available  than one that is short of information to write on.

•    Similarly, you must show your points in a compelling way. This implies that you must back up your points with solid examples.

•    Make a rough draft of your essay before finalizing it. Present it to your teacher and ask for suggestions.

•    Lastly, it is extremely important for you to check your final draft before submitting it. There are always some loopholes in an essay that can be revised. Therefore, edit your essay more than one time to make it more accurate and refined.

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