How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay

A five paragraph essay is a standard form of writing an essay. It is often taught as a standard to students in English language courses at any level. While the contents of essay may differ according to the topic, the basic format is comprised of an introduction, body and conclusion with two additional body paragraphs.

Following are helpful tips that will guide you in writing a proper five paragraph essay:

Choose a Topic: As with any other type of essay, the first step to write a five paragraph essay is topic selection. A topic can range practically from anything from personalities and places to ideas and events. In case you are not given a topic, be sure to choose a topic that is both interesting and meets the requirements of your college.

Brainstorm Main Ideas: Come up with three ideas relevant to your topic. This information will make body paragraphs of your essay and can also be added to your introductory paragraph.

Now that you have selected a topic and brainstorm ideas for your body paragraphs, you need to start writing your essay. A five paragraph essay is organised on a standard essay format: introduction, body and conclusion.

Introduction: The introduction is an important part of a five paragraph essay. Here, you need to provide main ideas of your topic. Start your essay with an attention grabbing fact and finish it with a thesis sentence with three ideas backing up your claim.  Your thesis statement must not be more than two sentences, ideally one sentence is enough. The thesis presents your main argument.

Body: For a five paragraph essay, you need to write three separate body paragraphs. The body paragraphs of your essay encompass all evidence and facts that support your thesis. They should be written in hierarchical order in that your first paragraph has the strongest argument and the third paragraph has the weakest one.

Conclusion: This is the fifth paragraph of your essay. It concludes your whole essay. Wrap up your essay here, paraphrasing your main arguments and thesis. Remember to restate your thesis with first sentence of your conclusion. Do not introduce any new idea in this section.

While writing a five paragraph essay is a standard essay format, you need to be very particular about what you want to include in each paragraph. Each section of your essay: introduction, body and conclusion should be written with relevant information.

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