How to Write an Essay Introduction?

An introduction is the basic part of an essay. It introduces the readers about your topic and gives readers a broad definition of it. Therefore, you need to make it simple yet interesting while being concise and brief so that it can compel the readers to read on your whole essay.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before writing an introduction is to make it as clear as possible so that the readers can clearly anticipate your essay and connect with it. This is the most important step to writing a winning essay and being not able to catch attention of the readers at this stage may cause them to stop reading your essay.

Another thing to remember when writing introduction of your essay is to use simple and easy to understand words. Your writing should be free from complex and technical words. Also, there must not be cluttering of unnecessary words which only make it difficult for the readers to understand your essay. Your essay introduction should be succinct and coherent and should not exceed 4-5 lines.

The introduction of your essay should speak for your central argument; therefore you need to keep your focus on it. Besides, it should reveal important points of your topic in order to give readers an overall idea of your whole essay. In this way, you will be able to link with the readers and compel them to read on your essay.

The purpose of writing introduction of your essay is to provide the readers with only background information of your essay; therefore you need to keep it that way or it will diminish the curiosity of the readers to keep reading your whole essay and s/he will eventually stop reading it. Therefore, make it only to inform and inspire the readers.

After you have written introduction of your entire essay, make sure if it gives a true reflection of your whole essay. Check if it has any interesting element that can motivate the readers to continue reading your entire essay.

In the last words, it should be noted that an introduction is the first part of your essay that readers give attention to, therefore be very particular when writing it. It is advisable to work on an outline before actually writing your essay and include all important and interesting elements in it.

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