4 Steps to Write a Short Essay

Students need to write a short essay at some level of their education. A short essay is written on the same essay format with less word limit. This is what makes it a challenging task as not many students know the techniques on how to write a short essay. But, there are always some good tips that can help you successfully write a short essay. So, if you are one of the students who desperately need some real help for writing a short essay, here some useful tips that will help achieve it:

Following are step-by-step guidelines to write a proper short essay:

Step#1: Mind Mapping

Firstly, you need to mind map ideas before writing your essay. This will help you analyze and understand your topic. Here, you are required to answer some important questions before writing a short essay. They are:

•    What is your target audience?

•    What is the aim of your essay?

•    What information should be included in your essay?

Step#2: Make an Outline

The next step is to outline your essay. Since it is written within very limited word count, you need to be very particular about what should be added in your essay. Include only relevant information in it.

Step#3: Start Writing

Now that you have all important information about your essay, you can easily start writing it.


The introduction is where you introduce your topic to the readers. Here, you need to describe only main reasons for writing the essay. Include your thesis statement in this section. Make it to only 3-4 sentences long.


When writing body of your essay, you need to include only three arguments to back up your thesis. The body section should be divided into several paragraphs, each is focused on a single argument. Your arguments should be backed up by solid and concrete evidence and facts.


In this section, you link your essay back to your thesis statement and remind the readers about the purpose of your essay. The conclusion should restate your whole essay in no more than 4 lines.

Step#4: Proofread

Lastly, make sure that your essay does not have any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. A good method for accomplishing it is to highlight errors while reading your essay and finally proofread them.

By following the above mentioned steps, you can easily write a short essay.

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