Public Health Law and Legislation

Based on the following question, I need you to help respond to the attached 4 peers’ posts in 150 words each.
Question on Public Health Law and Legislation
Visit the CDC Public Health Law News Archives, and choose one of the reports.
In no more than 300 words, discuss:
Why did you choose your report?
Why is this particular report important to society and how it fits in the Dahlgren-Whitehead model?
Using what you have learned through your nursing education, what are your thoughts about how you might affect legislation around this issue at the local level or above?
Visit: NCSL. (2021, April, 26). State Action on Coronavirus (COVID-19). National Conference of State Legislatures. Choose one state that passed a piece of legislation regarding health care and Covid-19.
Why did you choose this legislation?
What does the legislation provide for?

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