A client asks the nurse to explain the different types of advance directives. What information should be provided regarding living wills, durable power of attorney and DNR orders?
Which action will the nurse perform when conducting a Rinne Test?Occlude one ear and whisper three words. Have the client repeat the three words whispered.Place a vibrating tuning fork firmly against the mastoid bone.Place a vibrating tuning fork on top of the client’s head.Straighten the ear canal by pulling the auricle up and back.
A nurse is caring for several clients receiving intravenous therapy. What are actions the nurse should use to prevent IV infections? Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Peripheral IVs
​A nurse is caring for a client with abdominal pain.  List the correct sequence the nurse will complete the abdominal assessment. Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Gastrointestinal Assessment
​A nurse is caring for a client prescribed an Aquathermia pad. What should the nurse monitor this client for during therapy? Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Heat and Cold Therapy
Identify two (2) hand-off tools that a nurse can use to relay information to another health provider to improve communication.
​A nurse is preparing for a procedure with a client who has a latex allergy. What action should the nurse take regarding this allergy?   Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Medical and Surgical Asepsis
​Which nursing action made by the nurse is correct when providing postmortem care?Keep all personal belongings in the client’s roomRemove denturesProvide bright lightingAlign the body in supine position Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Palliative Care
​A nurse is documenting on the electronic medical record (EMR). How should the nurse ensure client confidentiality during documentation?
​A client is on strict bedrest, identify three (3) interventions the nurse can implement to prevent skin breakdown.   Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Pressure Ulcers
​Which guidelines should the nurse follow when calculating a client’s fluid intake?
​A client is unresponsive and breathing agonally after cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been provided. The family asks about “do not resuscitate” (DNR) because of their concern with aggressive treatment with all that has been provided. What is the role of the provider in this situation?
​Describe two (2) priority nursing considerations for a client who appears to be having an allergic reaction to his medication.
​What are possible role problems in family functioning following an acute event? Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Family Dynamics

A newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and is terrified to perform glucose monitoring. Identify two (2) points the nurse should teach the client to minimize pain. Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Glucose Monitoring
​What should be included in education for the client who reports insomnia due to increased stress?
​A nurse is discussing different complementary and alternative therapies with a client. What instructions should be provided regarding progressive relaxation technique?
​A nurse is caring for a postoperative client who is nauseated and vomiting.  What are clinical manifestations of dehydration? Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Oral Hydration

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