How to Write a Proposal Essay

The aim of a proposal essay is to persuade an authority in order to take initiative or a course of action for an issue. A good topic idea for a proposal essay is one that develops from a person’s beliefs and passions. When considering a topic for a proposal essay, it always helps to first assess your level of knowledge and expertise on it, what issues are associated with the topic and your writing skills to persuade the readers to consider your proposal.

Following are some tips that will help you come up with a good essay topic idea and write a convincing proposal essay:

Address an Issue

A good topic idea for a proposal essay is to consider problems in your society that needs to be solved. This will involve you making a list of problems within your society or vicinity. You can go about writing on number of issues from lack of civil amenities like unavailability of public toilets, amusement parks and sports field to more serious matters like impaired infrastructure in case of a broken water pipelines, sewerage overflow, or shortage of water/electricity etc. You need to address the issue and propose relevant steps for actions in order to invoke them take action. After you have come up with a topic idea, you need to devise a strategy and propose it to the readers with solid examples and facts.

Present your Viewpoint

Many times, it so happens that what we think as an issue might not be a serious issue for someone else. Therefore, you need to craft your essay is such a way that it makes a solid impression in the mind of the readers and convince them that it is a serious issue. A good topic idea for a proposal essay should stem from your beliefs. You can ask some questions pertaining the issue that may help you develop a thought into a good topic idea for your essay. For example, do you think that a particular ordinance or law is too rigid? Consider some other alternatives for the law. Do you feel that there is a loophole in your local schooling system? Come up with some novel and better idea for schooling. Since, a proposal essay is based on your personal beliefs, it is better to first determine how strongly you feel about an issue. The stronger you feel about an issue, the better your essay will be.

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