You are a department of health nurse responding to an epidemic, Virus L22, in your county

Below is the scenario and the optional endings you need to choose from for your paper. Logistics and details regarding the paper can be found in the attached RUA 3:We Can But Dare We grading rubric.

RUA 3: We Can, But Dare We Scenario
A scenario is to be used to complete the RUA 3: We Can But Dare We paper that is due at the end of week 3. Below is the scenario and the optional endings you need to choose from for your paper. Logistics and details regarding the paper can be found in the attached RUA 3:We Can But Dare We grading rubric.
You are a department of health nurse responding to an epidemic, Virus L22, in your county. As a registered nurse investigator analyzing patient data to discover a trend and treatment options, you are tasked with collecting and analyzing real patient data daily. This epidemic has impacted all levels of the community including government officials, singers, actors, etc. While reviewing data, you stumble across a familiar name, which happens to be the name of one of your legislators, Senator Cristobal. Upon determining this, you happen to take a photo of the data and post about the finding on social media.
To complete this paper, please choose one of the 2 following outcomes or one listed in the attached RUA 3 We Can But Dare We rubric:
Upon posting this, several media outlets reach out to you gain more information and a ā€œquoteā€ from you. They even offer a handsome $150,000 reward for your information.
A day after posting on social media, you realize your mistake and delete your post. However, it was too late, and a lawsuit is filed against you for exposing the information
There are additional outcomes within the grading rubric that may be used.
APA Format
I want to remind everyone that the use of APA format is required. If you feel you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss any items you need to. Once again, please utilize the APA textbook you have or visit the Owl Purdue website for assistance on proper APA formatting.
attached is rubric and more info

How do you intend to overcome some of those challenges?

Discuss how you intend to implement your evidence-based findings. What are your anticipated challenges? How do you intend to overcome some of those challenges? Assignment :1 Write 2-3 pages applicable to your capstone project. Identify the stakeholders (use fictitious names for stakeholders) that will play a major part with your study and integrate with your project. Topics to include: Roles of stakeholders Identify your stakeholders ā€“ are they supportive to your project? List of stakeholders who will be interested in the results of your project Promoting stakeholder participation Possible concerns/barriers from stakeholders Strategies that you will use to gain support and assistance from your stakeholders

Determine the attributes that help form the professional nursesā€™ identity.

Determine the attributes that help form the professional nursesā€™ identity.

Creating Your Professional Identity
Determine the attributes that help form the professional nursesā€™ identity.
Apply principles of professional identity and professionalism.
As a nursing student, you have a vision of your core values and expectations as a professional nurse. In this assignment, create a plan to guide you as you form your professional identity.
This formation will include the following:
Describe the meaning of nursing professionalism identity
Identify the most important professional identity characteristics/attributes
Explain how you will adapt these characteristics/attributes in the clinical setting
Reflect on your educational journey and describe how this shaped your professional identity.
Create your goals for continued professional identity formation during your career as a nurse.
Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.

Nursing Essay Topics

Nursing School Essay Topics for 2022 Students

nursing topics

nursing topics


Nursing Topic selection is one of the most important parts in the study of healthcare in all countries. During your nursing Course you will be required to write various assignments and research papers. Such essays are as important as practical studies. In some institutions, you may be assigned a specific topic or asked to pick one on your own. To write a good nursing assignment you will need to find a topic that you understand well or a specific topic you are passionate about.


How do you choose a topic for a nursing essay? If you have no idea of what to write, look through the topics you have already passed in your textbooks. Then you can move to the recommended literature and browse the internet. Make a list of the most suitable and interesting topics and make preliminary research to determine the availability of information for the future essay.


  • Step 1. Define the intended audience. Usually it is your teacher or lecturer.
  • Step 2. Highlight the most suitable topics for your essay. It can be a topic you are good at or a totally new topic that you want to explore.
  • Step 3. Think about what you are going to focus on. What exactly are you going to write about in your essay?
  • Step 4. Define why it is important to focus on this particular topic.
  • Lastly. Think about the best way of presenting information. It can be types of a particular event, analysis of data, comparison of two objects, etc.

If you still experience troubles with finding the right topic for a nursing essay, donā€™t worry! In this article we want to share with you some nursing essay topics, prepared by our paper writing service, that may become helpful for your essay.

 Nursing School Essay Topics 2022

  1. Write about your favorite nurse practice setting. It may be certain hospitals or medical groups, urban areas, mental health clinics, college health centers, etc. Describe why you prefer it.
  2. Discuss the peculiarities of the work of a nurse in the Emergency Room (ER). Usually, ER nurses need to have quick reactions, great experience, and knowledge.
  3. Evaluate possible careers in nursing. Nurses may work in various fields of medicine, from critical care to perinatal nursing. Along with this, a nurse may become a paramedic, health visitor, health coach, midwife, etc.
  4. Compare your own professional and personal characteristics with the required qualities of a good nurse in a particular practice.
  5. Persuade the audience on whether theory is important in nursing. Focus on whether theory is beneficial or just a waste of time. Accompany your point of view with examples and references from authoritative sources.
  6. Describe the experience and lessons learned from practice in a particular medical institution. It may be in the form of a reflective essay where you can describe a particular event in your practice and analyze your actions and come up with conclusions.
  7. The role of nursing in the near future. Browse existing literature on this topic, analyze current medical inventions, and think how nursing practice will change in the next several years.
  8. What spheres of medical practice need more nursing staff? As the medical sphere is constantly growing. For example, you can discuss the problems in healthcare centers that assist the elderly.
  9. Explain the gender issues in nursing practice. Still, the majority of nursing staff (more than 80%) are women. Healthcare authorities do everything possible to encourage men to pursue nursing. Describe the reasons why men donā€™t choose nursing as their career. How can this be changed?
  10. Describe the role of teamwork in nursing. A healthcare institution is a complex entity. A nursing team consists of nurses of various qualifications, and to be able to provide optimal healthcare, every nurse should be a good team player.

General Essay Topics for Nursing

  1. Describe the use of telehealth nursing (Telemed). With this tool patients and doctors can communicate with each other with video calls. This technology allows patients to save time who have trouble getting to the medical center. Also, this is very useful for the emergency room, when a doctor needs urgent advice from a specialist.
  2. Describe how noise pollution affects the rest of the body. In this paper you can tell about noise pollution, analyze the existing information about noise pollution in your areas, and define how it influences the health of the citizens.
  3. Detail the process of establishing a non-profit nursing home. Here you can describe the steps you need to establish a nursing home considering federal and state laws.
  4. Analyze the peculiarities of care for dying patients. How should a nurse deal with death? The actions of the nurse and medical personnel usually are aimed at minimizing the distress of a dying patient and helping relatives with the emotions connected with losing a close relation.
    Think of why medical errors occur. You can take several errors from real practice or reliable sources. How can these errors be prevented? How many errors occur in the hospital you work in?
  5. Describe the peculiarities of medical home services. How has it changed over the years? What can you say about patient-centered care?
  6. Think of how the public image of nursing can change in the future. Over the years, the image of the nurse has changed dramatically. Today, it is one of the most honest and ethical professions, and we believe it will only evolve in the near future.
  7. Analyze the problems in gerontological nursing. For example, one of the most common problems is elder abuse. Many older adults are under care in nursing homes and other assisting living facilities. Browse the existing literature on the chosen topic and support your point of view with evidence.
  8. Describe the peculiarities of nursing care with cancer. Oncology nurses take great part in patient assessment, patient education, coordination of care, direct patient care, symptom management, and support both for patients and their families.
  9. Define the meaning of cultural competence in nursing practice. Nurses closely work with patients, which is why it is important to provide equally qualitative care for patients of any ethnicity and country. Cultural competence is one of the signs of high standards in nursing.
  10.  Basic Level Nursing Essay Topics

    1. Describe the role of nurses in society.
    2. What are nursing ethics?
    3. According to you, what are the challenges associated with nursing?
    4. Discuss nursing ethics.
    5. Importance of nursing care for infants.
    6. What are the possible reasons behind a fewer number of male nurses?
    7. Throw some light on nursesā€™ practice act.
    8. Why is there a need for significant leadership in nursing?
    9. What are the steps you need to take to cure minor wounds?
    10. What are the steps you need to take to cure severe wounds?
    11. Discuss the steps that nurses should take to deal with hyperactive patients and their relatives?
    12. Are there any differences faced by nurses as compared to doctors when it comes to respect and value?
    13. What measures can nurses take to cure serious wounds when not having any instruments?
    14. What steps can nurses take to deal with patients in backward regions, where there is a lack of medical infrastructure?
    15. Analyze the problems with medical infrastructure.
    16. How to strengthen medical infrastructure?
    17. How to perform home nursing?
    18. Steps to improve mental health.
    19. Discuss the pitfalls of dieting.
    20. Importance of technology in nursing.

    Moderate Level Nursing Essay Topics

    1. Throw some light on holistic nursing.
    2. Should we allow nurses to prescribe medication or antibiotics?
    3. Discuss the risks associated with nurses prescribing medication?
    4. Discuss the problems associated with the compensation of nursing jobs.
    5. How should nurses deal with abusive or rude patients?
    6. How can civilians be helpful to nurses in treating their patients?
    7. Infant mortality and its possible causes.
    8. How to prepare a nursing resume to apply for a job?
    9. Mental impact on nurses.
    10. Basic theories to apply in nursing.
    11. Nursing in India: from struggle to victory.
    12. Soft skills required in nursing.
    13. Reasons to choose nursing as a profession.
    14. How to teach nursing?
    15. How to deal with depression being a nurse.
    16. How to deal with patients with dementia initially?
    17. What efforts should be made to make patientsā€™ stay in neonatal units more pleasant?
    18. Legalizing euthanasia.
    19. Importance of midwifery. Is it underestimated?
    20. How can we help pharmacies strike a balance between helping the patients and earning a profit?

    Advanced Nursing Essay Topics

    1. Significance of psychological training to ensure efficient medical working.
    2. Has covid-19 impacted the chances of nursing being a chosen profession?
    3. How to avoid hospitalization in covid-19?
    4. Measure to enhance the efficiency of nurses as assistants of doctors.
    5. What can nurses do to treat patients with Alzheimerā€™s disease?
    6. Express your views on applying Hendersonā€™s principles in the nursing area.
    7. How to convince people to donate organs?
    8. Chronic diseases and covid-19 pandemic.
    9. Discuss pediatric ethics.
    10. Explain acute coronary syndrome.
    11. Explain the cause behind anxiety disorders.
    12. Write on obesity and weight management programs.
    13. What precautions should be taken in the postnatal period?
    14. Dealing with gestational weight gain challenges.
    15. Precautions to be taken pre and post-delivery.
    16. Joint disorders study in elderly people.
    17. What are geriatrics ethics?
    18. Menarche and menopause challenges and symptoms.
    19. Explain reproductive endocrinology.
    20. Therapeutic injections: pros and cons.

    Nursing Argumentative Essay Topics

    1. Are nurses more vulnerable to health risks than doctors?
    2. How does the increased number of working hours impact the working of nurses?
    3. Is nursing a female-centric profession?
    4. How important is the role of a nurse when compared with that of a doctor?
    5. Difference in the salary paid to day shift nurses vs. night shift nurses
    6. What should be the adequate amount of nursing staff to have in a hospital?
    7. Should more emphasis be laid on home nursing?
    8. How is racial discrimination a problem in nursing?
    9. Are nurses more empathetic than doctors?
    10. How important is it for a nurse to work on her emotions?

    Miscellaneous Topics for Students Nursing Research

    1. Nursing Theory: 
        • Nursing theory history and significance
        • Strategies for theory construction in nursing
        • Nursing theory vs. nursing practice
        • Person-centered nursing: theory and practice
        • Areas of agreement in nursing theory development
    1. Nursing Education:
        • Critical thinking in nursing education: Literature review
        • Future challenges for nursing education
        • Curriculum development in nursing education
        • New nursing education structure in US/UK/Asia
        • Creating innovative models of clinical nursing education
    1. Nursing Care: 
        • Transcultural concepts in nursing care
        • Basic principles of nursing care
        • Factors influencing why nursing care is missed
        • Measuring patientsā€™ satisfaction with nursing care
        • Spiritual nursing care: state of the art
        • Pharmacology for nursing care
    1. Nursing Interventions:
        • The systematic development of nursing interventions
        • The impact of nursing interventions
        • Nursing interventions for smoking cessation
        • Nursing interventions for patients with chronic conditions
        • Nursing interventions for premature infants
        • Nursing interventions to promote functional feeding
    1. Nursing Homes:
        • Nursing homes in developed and developing nations: a comparison
        • Characteristics of nursing homes that affect resident outcomes
        • Infections among patients in nursing homes
        • Nursing homes and COVIDā€19: What has changed?
        • Abuse of patients in nursing homes
        • Family involvement in nursing homes
    1. Nursing Leadership 
        • Factors contributing to nursing leadership
        • Nursing leadership and patient outcomes
        • Leadership and management in nursing
        • Transformational leadership in nursing
        • ethical leadership in nursing
    1. Nursing Diagnosis:
        • Nursing diagnosis process and itā€™s relation with critical thinking skills
        • Application of nursing process and nursing diagnosis
        • Do staff nurses use nursing diagnosis effectively?
        • Methods to validate nursing diagnoses
        • Accuracy of nursing diagnoses: How effective are they?
    1. Nurse Burnout:
        • Nurse burnout and quality of care
        • Nurse burnout: personal and environmental factors
        • Impact of nurse burnout on organization
        • Predictors of burnout among nurses in US, UK, India
        • Pediatric nurse burnout
    1. Nurse Staffing: 
        • Nurse staffing and inpatient hospital mortality
        • Hospital nurse staffing and quality of care
        • Nurse Patient Ratios
        • The effects of nurse staffing on medical costs
        • Nurse staffing in critical care and how it affects patient outcome
    1. Nurse Practitioner Role
        • Barriers to developing nurse practitioner role
        • Analyze nurse practitioner role in acute care settings
        • How case-study research can better implement nurse practitioner role
        • Practice and clinical leadership: The core role of the nurse practitioner
        • Neonatal nurse practitioner role