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How to Remove Wordiness from Your Work?

Writing is all about rewriting. Unless you revise your work and get rid of all the clutter, it is highly unlikely that your writing will make an impact. The wordiness makes for most of the clutter in a work, so it is important that you delineate and remove all the words that have no place […]

What Topics to Choose For Writing a Social Studies Paper?

Choosing a good topic is the most important and strategic stage of essay writing process. Unfortunately but a large number of students goof up at this stage due to lack of knowledge and skills. Many times students are not aware of a good topic and end up writing on a cliched idea that has already been […]

Paragraphing an Essay: 7 Crucial Steps to Remember!

A paragraph presents the arguments in an organized and precise way. In a paragraph, the writer uses expressive writing elements to construct the argument in a coherent and clear way. Therefore, it is important to capitalize on this crucial aspect of writing an essay to make it sound more specific and focused. By employing some […]

Tips and Techniques for Improving Student’s Persuasive Writing Skills

While there are different genres of writing, persuasion is one of the basic skill, particularly applicable in persuasive writing. Our ability to express an issue and argue or counter-argue it can significantly affect our skill for persuasive writing. Capitalizing on this refined skill, teachers can enhance student’s persuasive writing skills. Considering this important points, I have […]

Do You Know These 4 Major Themes Of Developmental Biology?

Biology is a combination of two affixes: Bio – means ‘life’, and ‘logy’ – means ‘to study’, simply meaning “study of life” or in a more organized way “study of living organisms”. The study of Biology can be traced back to the period of Babylonia as early as 11th century BCE. Since then the study of […]

Do You Need Help With Submitting A Proposal Essay? Read This Helpful Guide!

A proposal essay is similar to any other business proposal with the exception that it is only applicable in academic setting. Like a business proposal, a proposal essay discusses an issue and offers relevant proposition. A proposal essay incorporates elements of any other proposal i.e. introduction, statement of purpose, action plan, significance and outcomes. Before […]

Project Milestone One: Malpractice Case

For this milestone, you will start working on the case for Final Project I: Malpractice. Below is is a link to the case you will investigate. This link is also provided in the Final Project I Guidelines and Rubric document. Surgery: Iturralde v. Hilo Medical Center USA Prompt: In this milestone, you will complete part of […]

Improving Teamwork: Collaboration, Coordination, and Conflict Resolution, section on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Points This assignment is worth 200 points. Directions 1. Read Finkelman (2016), Chapter 13: Improving Teamwork: Collaboration, Coordination, and Conflict Resolution, section on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, pp. 324-333. 2. Observe nurses in a care delivery setting. Identify a recurring conflict with the potential to negatively impact patient care. Decide if delegation was an issue […]